Mentoring in Reverse

The challenges and opportunities in managing a millennial heavy workforce are often discussed in the people space. Hundreds of studies have been conducted across the face of Earth, but a unique and yet simple way to decode millennials has come from Mars!

Mars Inc., a global manufacturer of candy and other food products, has paired up MBA Interns with senior leaders as a means to reverse mentor.  This unique program allows interns to educate senior leaders on the new generation entering the workforce and learn their career wants and desires. Interns also coach leaders on the ever-increasing social media influence using fun competitions like creating a Facebook page or learning to blog. A similar project was implemented at a US-based Fortune 500 company with 50 mentees. 80% participants rated the exercise “extremely effective/effective” for Business and 97% rated it “extremely effective/effective” for Personal.

Mars has been globally recognised as a great workplace. Take the first step in your organisation’s greatness journey and apply to the Great Place to Work® – Certification™