Crowdsourcing Ideas from Gen-Y

NTPC Ltd. provides a gamified idea generation tool – ‘Brain Ticklers’ to facilitate innovative ideas from Gen-Y Employees. An online initiative where employees conceptualize their ideas/suggestions. The idea is then endorsed by others who can comment, contribute to enhance the concept and add points to a particular idea they support. When that idea gets implemented, all the investors get rewarded. This encourages everyone to participate and a culture of collective innovation and creativity kicks off. As all ideas are tracked and collected in one place it serves as a great tool as against the traditional brainstorming sessions.

The Profit Sharing Tradition

S.C. Johnson Products Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in sharing profits with all employees, irrespective of tenure. The quantum of amount shared is based on employees’ performance and job level. All the new joiners who have served for less than 6 months in a financial year are paid token profit share. While only 58% employees in India believe that they receive a fair share of profits made by their company, S.C. Johnson has been two steps ahead by following the practice of profit sharing consistently for 99 years. This tradition has taken root from the belief that wealth must be shared with all those employees who have helped to generate it, building a sense of ownership and long-standing loyalty.

Cultural Dexterity #CultureInShorts

At Apollo Tyres, a custom-made program titled as Apollo Global Citizen Certification has been designed to train people in being cross-culturally competent. This program is intended to establish and leverage business rapport with people from different cultures. It has enabled them to develop a global mindset, intercultural competence and an awareness of workplace cultures in countries other than their own. Any employee who is selected to move from one country/culture to another as a part of career development is certified through this program. This ensures a smooth transition and a sharper delivery curve of the employee in the new milieu.

The Cascading KRA Effect

A participative goal-setting process is followed at Chang Yun India where each individuals KRAs are directly linked to the company objectives. The methodology used is that of ‘Large Scale Interactive Process’ wherein all managers first understand the expectations of key stakeholders – business heads, customers, and suppliers. Basis this, 10 Key Objectives for the company are finalized through collaborative participation. Post this, each functional head along with his direct reports draws up a list of projects that contribute towards achieving the 10 key objectives. This ensures clarity of expectations right from the beginning and a clear visibility of one’s role in achieving the larger objectives of the company, hence instilling a sense of pride in each employee.


Chang Yun India is recognized among India’s Best Workplaces in Manufacturing-2018. 

Bringing the Factory Closer to Management

Tasty Bite Eatables Limited has initiated ‘All Hands Day’ wherein all employees of the organization involve themselves in the Manufacturing activity. This practice extends all the way up to Senior Executives and top management, helping them understand the various activities at the factory. They are allocated different areas of semi-skilled and skilled work and are supervised by a factory worker. Through this practice, several inputs regarding wastage, productivity and safety are received from individuals around the organization. Ultimately, the factory workers feel closer to the top management and a sense of belonging is established across functions and hierarchy.
Tasty Bite Eatables Limited is recognized among India’s Best Workplaces in Manufacturing-2018. 

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Enabling Personal Growth for Organisational Growth

At Oerlikon Drive Systems India, blue-collar employees are given behavioural training on building self-confidence and self-esteem. In addition to this, white-collar employees are given training for building leadership excellence, time management, conflict management and workmen management, among others. Across the world, a shocking 48% of the employees believe that their personal development isn’t taken seriously by their employer, making them feel undervalued. Through this training, Oerlikon is able to lay emphasis on individual development and personal growth, which ultimately contribute to the larger picture of organizational growth.



The Spirit of Onboarding

The welcoming program at Marico, titled ‘Slice of Marico’ includes a personalized gift, letter as well as a poster displaying the ‘Spirit of Marico’. The posters capture the Marico values and purpose while having a super-hero theme intended to inspire. 69% of employees are more likely to stay in an organization for a longer tenure if they experience great onboarding, resulting in high loyalty and retention. Through this program, new hires have a slice of the culture embedded in them right from the first day, building a bond and sense of pride.


Influencing for Free-Thinking

At the Godrej Headquarters in Mumbai, a new type of experimental space called the Godrej India Culture Lab has taken shape. The aim of the Lab is to create a culture of free-thinking for employees to generate new ideas and innovate. 75% of employees feel as though they are more pressurized to be productive than creative at work. Serving as a catalyst to create conversations around powerful thoughts of employees, the Lab’s cultural investigations have spanned across various themes that are relevant to contemporary India. Success, to them, is a continuous process of exploration and discovery, intended to empower for innovation.



Mentoring in Reverse

The challenges and opportunities in managing a millennial heavy workforce are often discussed in the people space. Hundreds of studies have been conducted across the face of Earth, but a unique and yet simple way to decode millennials has come from Mars!

Mars Inc., a global manufacturer of candy and other food products, has paired up MBA Interns with senior leaders as a means to reverse mentor.  This unique program allows interns to educate senior leaders on the new generation entering the workforce and learn their career wants and desires. Interns also coach leaders on the ever-increasing social media influence using fun competitions like creating a Facebook page or learning to blog. A similar project was implemented at a US-based Fortune 500 company with 50 mentees. 80% participants rated the exercise “extremely effective/effective” for Business and 97% rated it “extremely effective/effective” for Personal.

Mars has been globally recognised as a great workplace. Take the first step in your organisation’s greatness journey and apply to the Great Place to Work® – Certification™



The Boss’s Debut

Acknowledging the challenges faced by first-time managers, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd provides a range of customized training interventions to help new managers in developing people management skills.

Ensuring a smooth transition of employees from individual contributors to people managers is of critical importance. At the same time, this transition is generally not an easy one for the new manager as well as the team. Hence, GCPL aims at making this transition a successful one through learning interventions and reinforcement of the skills needed to become a great people manager and keep the organization’s culture and employee experience intact.

Our research study on Mid – Size (organisations with 100-500 employees) workplace cultures reveals that receiving management support while taking up leadership positions has been identified as a Key Driver of employee engagement. Getting the best out of people by creating a favourable context for learning eventually leads to building greater capabilities among them and equips them as they step into new leadership roles.

Do you really know your colleagues?

In order to enable networking among their colleagues, Nearbuy India launched a  ‘Know Your Colleague Series’, to encourage employees across locations to engage with one another. This series includes setting employees from different teams up on blind dates with one another, giving them the chance to get to know each other in an informal setting. Having people connect with folks they don’t necessarily work with helps build the ties that keep the organisation strong and keeps information and ideas flowing. Such quirky initiatives foster camaraderie amongst co-workers and improve inter-employee relationships.Camaraderie is more than just having fun. It is also about creating a common sense of purpose and the mentality that we are in it together.

Policies on Probation

At CACTUS Communications, any new policy is introduced only after getting a buy-in from employees. This is done by putting the ‘policies on probation’ for 1 month! During this probationary period, Cactizens are invited to offer their suggestions so as to refine these practices to make them more relevant. This ensures that they genuinely listen to their people, understand their sentiments and that all its practices are employee-centric. After incorporating these ideas, the final practice is implemented so that it meets employee expectations and is hence proved effective. Thus, involving employees in decision making leads to higher morale, motivation and stronger bond of responsibility.



The ‘Women’s Executive Shadow Program’ at Adobe Systems is geared towards providing leadership and career development opportunities for women employees. An intensive, one-day shadowing experience where employees get a chance to partner with a key leader in the company to experience a day in the life of the executive. While executives have the opportunity to introspect on their leadership philosophy and contribute to talent development, the program gives women at Adobe a valuable opportunity for professional development, networking, executive visibility and cross-functional exposure.
It encourages women leaders to learn from each other, share success stories and inspire one another.




The People Leader Learning Path (PLLP) programme at American Express aims to develop leadership capabilities for the current as well as potential future roles of people. The programme identifies needs that go beyond the immediate job and is diversified into 2 components- ‘First Things First’ for new people leaders and ‘Raise Your Game’ for the seasoned leaders. Developing capabilities of each individual on a continuous basis helps create a pipeline for succession planning and a non- stop supply of talent for leadership.



In our study of workplace culture in India, we found that fairness continues to be a huge challenge for organizations. Less than 60% of the people trust that managers often avoid playing favourites at work. Bajaj Finance Limited has identified a way to reduce this human element of bias by introducing the Auto Promotion Policy. This allows eligible employees at manager level or above, up to a certain grade, to be automatically promoted to the next role basis their achievements and performance. There are well-defined metrics for all functions and roles and if the employee qualifies the same, he or she gets auto-promoted in the system. Having clarity on expectations and knowing that they will be fairly rewarded for their efforts enables employees to give their best and meet their targets, collectively leading to high business performance for the organization.


Just because one is working long hours doesn’t mean he or she is getting work done. It is very much possible that productivity enablers such as meetings, emails and workshops are wasting more time than they are worth if being used excessively. At Dow Corning India, leaders understand how such unavoidable activities can drain time and have designed a corporate-wide ‘quarterly no-meeting week’ to address it. The initiative does not just drive efficiency levels throughout the organization by letting employees focus on projects but also encourages employees to maintain work-life balance and take time off without worrying about missing meetings.


Uniting many people towards its strategy has been made possible by building a shared understanding of the FedEx’s customer value proposition across the organization. They call it the Purple Promise – “I will make every FedEx experience outstanding.” The Purple Promise unites their employees, across job functions, across departments, and across regions. The People-Service-Profit philosophy – ‘Take care of our people; they, in turn, will deliver the impeccable service demanded by our customers, who will reward us with the profitability necessary to secure our future.’ – governs the decision-making process. The organization has documented several stories of how their employees experience the organization’s culture on Philip Cheng, Vice President, Asia Pacific, FedEx will be speaking at Great Place to Work® Annual Conference 2018. Click here to reserve your seat.


A comprehensive study based on more than 1,000 firms in the Great Place to Work® database reveals a strong correlation between corporate financial performance and the extent to which employees believe their company’s espoused values are practiced. Shared values hold the power to create a culture of performance. At Marico, attention is given to values education through workshops and conversations through the year. Values Workshops are designed to highlight the organization’s values and to facilitate discussions to resolve value dilemmas if any. Register to attend the session on building a culture of innovation in a disruptive environment by Saugata Gupta, Managing Director & CEO, Marico at Great Place to Work® Annual Conference 2018.


Women leaders are beginning to take control of organizational matters, becoming enabled and empowered to motivate others. Adobe India has a variety of programs, ranging from ‘Grace Hoppers’ and ‘Women in Technology’ to encourage women leaders to learn from each other. The ‘Women’s Executive Shadow Program’ helps them identify key behaviours for their growth and development and initiate practices to align their goals. Through the ‘Annual Women’s Breakfast’, Adobe arranges for its women to network with each other, share success stories and inspire one another.


The practice of giving thanking employees can go a long way in building a great workplace culture and hence deserves more creativity. At Marico, the flying elephant was introduced as an act of gratitude, to be passed on from employee to employee. Rather than a thank-you note, this stuffed toy resembles efforts that are being recognized and encourages a culture of identifying others’ hard work. Only an employee who has previously received the elephant may send it on to appreciate another colleague. The aim of the game is to allow the elephant to soar, landing at as many desks as possible, spreading the love and appreciation. ‘One who accepts praise must also learn to spread praise’ – wise words of the flying elephant. Learn more about building a culture of innovation directly from Saugata Gupta, MD & CEO, Marico at Great Place to Work® Conference 2018. Over 500 participants have already registered, you can register here.


In their bestseller First, Break All the Rules, Curt Coffman and Marcus Buckingham say that employees leave managers, not companies. Most companies make the mistake of believing that a managerial role is the only possible career progression path for a high-performer. Sometimes, they expect members with excellent technical but limited people management skills to be great people managers and this doesn’t prove beneficial for the organization and the individual. Breaking the trend, Forbes Marshall has set itself apart from its peers by adopting the Technical Track practice. Through this practice, the organization supports the career progression of subject-matter experts who are not prepared to take up managerial positions yet and allows them to continue as individual contributors. Hear Viswanathan Anand, former world chess champion & Indian chess grandmaster speak on managing self for peak performance at Great Place to Work® Conference 2018, register here.


Ujjivan Financial Services’ culture is largely driven by its purpose of providing a full range of financial services to the economically active poor who were financially excluded by the banking sector. In keeping with the principle of fairness, stock options are granted to all eligible employees across the board regardless of their grade or level in the organisation. To serve as a reminder for all employees about the impact their work has on others’ lives, turnaround stories are shared in the monthly update describing how the financial support extended by Ujjivan transformed their lives. Employees at Ujjivan attest that their work has special meaning and that their job accomplishments give them a sense of pride. What makes culture a strategic advantage? Hear Michael C. Bush. Global CEO, Great Place to Work® live at Conference 2018, register here.


One-on-one coaching with leaders gives employees the chance to share their ideas, grievances and career prospects in a private setting.  Additionally, it helps leaders build empathy & understanding with their team members. Such an exercise becomes a catalyst for enhanced performance of the individual and the teams that they work in. At Intuit, a Great Place to Work® Certified organizations, a dedicated Coaching Awesome Program was introduced through which leaders coach their team members one-on-one over a span of 4-6 weeks. By paving the way for stark behavioural changes, this program has developed the potential of several leaders. Anshuman Kumar, Director – Global Corporate Communications, Intuit will be speaking about building employer brand at the Great Place to Work® Conference 2018, reserve your seat here.


There is extensive research that suggests that mental health is linked to a range of development outcomes, including better health status, enhanced productivity and economic output, improved interpersonal relationships, and improved quality of life. Thousands of employees at American Express, a Great Place to Work-Certified organization, spend time at what the organization calls the elevation zone. This dedicated space provides a mentally stimulating environment for employees to energize their minds by way of physical activity and mind games. This involves activities which help employees reduce stress and rejuvenate, and improve their physical fitness. Hear Mr Guru Bhat, MD, PayPal India speaker about employee wellness programs at the Great Place to Work® Conference 2018, register here.


Inspiring the workforce is not just about rewarding or thanking individuals for their efforts. Enabling them to experience how their roles can positively impact society has proven to be an equally powerful driver of motivation and commitment. Opportunity Hack at PayPal, a Great Place to Work® Certified organization, is an inspiring event that puts engineering and business skills to use for non-profit organizations during a two-day hackathon. This initiative is a great platform to leverage the strength of expert technologists and use their skills to create result-oriented solutions for key challenges faced by NGOs across the country. The hackathon focuses on engaging the wider tech community where employees can network, share ideas and build solutions that enable impact and social innovation. More than 400 leaders have already registered to attend the Great Place to Work® Conference 2018, register here.


Organizations are usually focused on the costs of acquiring talent. They often don’t pay sufficient attention to the costs related to hiring misfits. To be extra sure about hiring the right fit, Zappos makes The Offer to new hires after one month of training. This unique offer allows these trainees to resign and receive an additional month’s salary in return. It does not end here. After graduating from training, the new employees move to their respective departments and the offer is sweetened. This time, employees have the option of receiving two month’s salary to resign within the following three weeks. The main aim of this practice at Zappos is to screen itself of prospective employees who may not stick around and thereby create a workforce exclusively of people who genuinely want to work at the organisation and contribute to its success. While experts have emphasized on the costs of early-turnover for decades, the key issue is not how much turnover occurs, but about who leaves and who stays. Mr Ankur Warikoo, Co-founder & CEO, Nearbuy will be speaking about hiring right at the Great Place to Work® Annual Conference 2018. Less than 100 early bird seats are left, register here.


Most leaders today regard building a great workplace culture as a strategic goal. Organizations can fail at this when they try to be everything for everyone. Successful organizations show that building a great workplace culture begins with hiring right. Ujjivan, a Great Place to Work® Certified organization, goes the extra mile to communicate honestly before hiring an employee. It offers realistic job previews to its potential employees. Before any candidate is hired, he or she spends a day performing the role to be able to understand the role and the organization better. This applies to all levels starting from national leadership level till the feet-on-street staff. According to estimates, tools such as realistic job previews screen out between 15% and 35% of applicants. Research suggests that this can translate into significant monetary savings, specifically for large organizations that experience high new hire turnover. How can organizations build an employer brand to hire right? Mr. Anshumaan Kumar, Director – Communications, Intuit India will be speaking about Building Employer Brand at Great Place to Work® Annual Conference 2018. Click here to register.


As part of their people philosophy, FedEx, a Great Place to Work® Certified organization, offers team members an opportunity to apply for any vacancy at FedEx before the position is extended to external candidates. Any internal candidate who feels that he or she has been treated unfairly may utilize the recruitment Appeal Process as part of the Guaranteed Fair Treatment Procedure. An appeal can be made by the internal candidate within seven calendar days of receiving the communication for rejection. The hiring manager can issue an offer letter to the selected candidate only after this period of 7 days. This process provides sufficient opportunity to the unsuccessful internal candidates to receive feedback and appeal against the recruitment decision if they feel the decision is unfair. Mr. Philip Cheng, Vice President, Asia Pacific, FedEx will be speaking about Delivering Outstanding Customer Experience through Great Employee Engagement at Great Place to Work® Annual Conference 2018. Click here to register.


Intuit’s passion is finding simple solutions that solve simple customer problems. Their culture is a testament to their unwavering focus to create an environment where people can do the best work of their lives. Intuit believes in creating an environment where inspiration and innovation thrive, thereby creating a challenging workplace. Innovation at Intuit is systematic and employees have access to unstructured time and innovation mentors. Encouraging experimentation has enabled employees to move from satisfying customers to delighting them. Through this, Intuit is leading in the use of cutting-edge technologies and big data to solve the problems of their customers.


Organizations increasingly need more experts as much as they need managers. Adobe is focusing on building principal scientists who can also serve as technical role models for their young engineers. Adobe Fellows are employees in the R&D organization who have distinguished themselves in the engineering field. These employees are recognized nationally by their industry colleagues and academic peers as experts and innovators in their areas of acknowledged technical leadership. Adobe Fellows are part of a very select, highly regarded, visible and impactful group within Adobe. This is a top non-management engineering position an employee can achieve within the company. For employees to be considered for the Fellow job designation, they must have demonstrated technical expertise including published works, speaking engagements, patents, and copyrights.


Employees today face a litany of financial challenges starting from repaying student loans to planning for retirement and the constant desire to afford a better lifestyle, making their financial situation critical to their well-being. Yet financial education could be one of the most underrated aspects of employee wellness programs in the country. For employees at United Colors Of Benetton, exhaustive workshops are conducted by a financial planner to help them become financially sound and adopt rewarding financial behaviour. By offering such programs, organizations can help employees secure their future, be better off financially at the same pay and reduce the constantly building stress levels.


Make A Difference (MAD) is a youth driven, non-profit organisation working to ensure equitable outcomes for children in shelters across 23 cities in India. To ensure culture alignment, the organization only recruits from people who have previously volunteered or worked to support disadvantaged children. Around 75% of their full-time employees have volunteered with them for a minimum two years before joining as full-time employees. As part of their realistic job preview policy, each candidate spends 3 days at the organization and interacts with all existing directors before a job offer can be made. Post the realistic job preview period, all directors meet to discuss and decide on all hiring decisions to ensure that the organization hires the best and all functions own the responsibility for setting new team members for success.

Learn more about the biggest ideas behind building a high-performance culture from over 20 speakers at Great Place to Work® Conference 2018. Register here >


In the year 2016 at Adobe, 100% of the new people managers completed an internal program, New Manager Orientation, designed to help individuals transit from an individual contributor to the manager role, a transition which comes with several opportunities & challenges. Their Talent Development team is committed to smoothen this transition by providing the right information, education and skills to help these new managers be successful at Adobe. The program, spread across 3 months covers the areas such as expectations from the new role, making a transition, and applicable organizational policies among others. This program also gives an opportunity for the participants to hear snippets from the leaders of their respective groups. This helps them get a perspective on the larger organization and broadens their scope of thinking.

Learn more about the biggest ideas behind building a high-performance culture from over 20 speakers at Great Place to Work® Conference 2018. Register here >


Technology organizations operate in a highly competitive market for talent. Attracting the experts is critical to building the products and solutions for tomorrow. Intuit’s talent team frequently organizes external webinars featuring technologists from the organization who are subject matter experts in a wide range of technologies and industry trends. Owing to their reach, webinars are an important platform for them to build Intuit’s brand as a product and technology innovation leader in the industry and in the minds of potential talent.

Learn more about the biggest ideas behind building a high-performance culture from over 20 speakers at Great Place to Work® Conference 2018. Register here >


CACTUS is a global medical communications agency with a unique business model. To meet their customers’ requirements for speedy turnaround and specialized subject matter expertise, their workforce includes a large number of freelancers. Their freelancers can work from anywhere and can select the number of hours they want to devote to working with the organization. They also conduct freelancer surveys to engage with freelancers and send them regular updates and bulletins. Their system allows freelancers to mark their unavailability. Therefore, jobs are only allocated to them when they are free to take them on. Their freelancers also have the option of developing their skills through organization’s academic resources. The organization also offers incentives and bonuses for regular high-performing freelancers.


Marico created a brand with a purpose (Nihar Shanti Amla) and 5% of all proceeds from the sale of under this brand is contributed to the cause of children’s education. As part of this, the organization launched a first-of-its-kind mobile phone based tutorial – ‘Angrezi Mobile Paathshaala’, a missed call based English learning platform. Through this initiative, people are encouraged to give a missed call to a designated number. Following this, they receive a call back which leads to a series of interactive nine English language learning modules. The outcome has been phenomenal as the Angrezi Mobile Paathshaala has been able to garner upwards of 16.20 Lakh unique callers since its inception.

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Everything begins with an idea. At Adobe, they strongly believe in empowering employees to explore, evaluate and evolve their own idea through the Red Box Process. They fund early exploration of the ideas through a pre-paid innovation credit card directly given to the employees with a certain budget and empower them with about 20% of their time to work on new ideas. The red box program has generated more new ideas from more employees, faster and at a lower cost than previous innovation efforts. The red box has also earned strong enthusiasm and commitment from employees who have consistently given the program a Net Promoter Score of over 90 percent. In the program’s first three months, few innovators had already earned blue box funding and started on the path to turning their dream into reality.

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Pitney Bowes, a Great Place to Work® Certified Organization, has introduced a unique policy for women employees on maternity breaks wherein performance rating for the new mother is sealed basis her last two years’ performance. The same is calculated by taking last year’s rating or the average of last two years’ rating, whichever is higher. This gives a fair chance for career growth and development to women on maternity breaks.

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90 percent of the people who join McDonald’s (India), start at frontline roles and come from tougher socio-economic backgrounds. Noting this trend and closely analysing the needs and desires of this group made the organization realise the value of education in the mind of these employees. Since then, McDonald’s has partnered with educational institutes to offer undergraduate and post-graduation programmes at subsidised fees to their employees. All those who join these courses under the Learn-While-You-Earn program also get 48 days of paid leave during the year to study. By looking at people as more than just resources and willing to impact their lives positively, leaders at McDonald’s have been successful in building high levels of respect and loyalty that drive performance.

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How does Google nurture a culture where its people are always learning? At Google, 80% of all tracked trainings are run through an employee-to-employee network called “g2g” (Googler-to-Googler). Their Googler-to-Googler program makes this possible by offering Googlers the chance to share their passions and expertise with other Googlers. Many of the most popular classes as part of this program focus on general professional skills, like negotiations and leadership, and role-related skills, like sales training and Python coding. It’s also helped upskill huge numbers of employees around new opportunities. For example, as mobile computing on smartphones exploded, thousands of Googlers went through an Android training bootcamp run by the very Googlers who worked on Android.

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Our analysis shows that the world’s best workplaces are particularly adept at nurturing people growth. Cisco’s Speed Mentoring Program, modelled after speed dating, focuses on quick-hit information, time-efficient networking and the methodical pursuit of a mentor. Speed mentoring facilitates the development of mentoring relationships by providing a forum for getting to know multiple individuals in a single setting. A given mentee meets multiple mentors, spending 5 minutes with each – this simulates a multi-level, time-bound approach to networking and relationship building that helps participants quickly identify individuals with common goals and mutual interests.

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Organizations in India are required to implement awareness programs according to the sexual harassment prevention guidelines. American Express, a Great Place to Work® Certified Organization, partnered Be.Artsy, a social enterprise that offers several innovative products to increase awareness on such social issues, to design a play Nukkad Natak to create awareness for their millennial employees. This form of street theatre is very popular as it enraptures the audience with its sheer energy, presentation and delivery and is also a medium by which they can engage a large audience in a single forum. The pilot for the series, conducted in May 2015 garnered a heartening response from the leadership as well as from their employees and covered 1250+ employees.

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The term guerrilla marketing is a concept that was first popularised by Jay Conrad Levinson in his book in 1984. At its core, it involves catching the attention of your audience with your message when they are not expecting it. Lemon Tree Hotels, a Great Place to Work® Certified Organization, uses recruitment cards to assist in talent acquisition. These are the size of visiting cards and come in red, green and yellow, Lemon Tree’s brand colours. The main intent behind these cards is to hire people who went out of their way to provide good service and really made an impression. When an employee sees someone (for instance at a coffee shop) going the extra mile and could be hired, a recruitment card is shared, instead of the personal business cards. This helps maintain anonymity and also points the prospective employee in the right direction to establish formal contact with the organization.

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Stories are one of the earliest social tools to unite people towards a common goal. Organizations have been telling great stories to their potential customer for years to build the brand over time. Most organizations start engaging potential customers even before they express interest in buying a product, but, they do not start engaging with potential employees until they apply for a job. Zappos stopped posting jobs on career sites and set up a Zappos Insider Program. Instead of applying for a job, job seekers can now introduce themselves and become “insiders”. Zappos Insiders are people who might want to work for Zappos sometime down the road. It’s a way for people to stay in touch and learn more about the organization’s culture even before applying for a job. Most people sign up to receive updates through social networks or emails.

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Organizations look for different things in people for different roles. However, most times, two traits are common requirements across roles. Does the potential employee relate to the organization’s vision? Does the potential employee understand the organization’s customers well? Instead of limiting referrals to existing employees, Ujjivan Financial Services, a Great Place to Work® Certified Organization, requests their customers to refer potential candidates who can join the firm. There was an instance where a customer took a loan from the company to run a small business; her son went on to act as a field agent for the company, collecting those loans and educating others about their services. This has another advantage, the new employees come from the same socioeconomic background as the customers, and therefore they can easily relate to the organisation’s core mission and culture.

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Many people at work are still blind to the way that personal remarks, offensive jokes and the like can make a workplace hostile. While most organizations talk about zero tolerance, sexual harassment is still prevalent in modern day workplaces. Most victims and witnesses do not speak up out of fear. Manipal Hospitals, a Great Place to Work® Certified Organization, rigorously implements their sexual harassment prevention program. They have trained over 650 people, including doctors who spread awareness within the organization. Last year, their efforts covered 25000 employees across the group.

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People don’t like to think about pension and routinely underestimate the costs. At Forbes Marshall, a Great Place to Work® Certified Organization, counseling sessions are organized for all members retiring that year from the organization on issues such as health and finances. Post-retirement, members are encouraged to remain associated with the organization as consultants and mentors. The retired members are supported in one of the most difficult life stages and the organization gets to retain their expertise.

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The Economist recently argued that with the disruptions in the modern economy, particularly technology, ongoing skill acquisition is critical to persistent professional relevance. The People Leader Learning Path programme at American Express, a Great Place to Work® Certified Organization, aims at developing capabilities of each individual on a continuous basis and helps create a pipeline for succession planning and a supply of talent for leadership. By identifying needs that go beyond the immediate job, the programme develops the long-term potential of people and provides a formal approach to leadership development.

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According to a Leeds Metropolitan University study, on days when employees visited the gym, their experience at work changed. They reported managing their time more effectively, being more productive, and having smoother interactions with their colleagues. Salesforce, a Great Place to Work® Certified Organization, offers its employees reimbursement up to INR 5,000 per month under its wellness reimbursement scheme. The scheme covers a host of options like health club membership, sport training facilities, yoga, and massages. Not all organizations need a gym at work, but, all can benefit from healthier employees and people are far more likely to stick with activities they genuinely enjoy doing.


Building a high-performance culture involves engaging employees, the extent of which can be measured in several ways. At Intuit India, a Great Place to Work® Certified Organization, these measures go beyond just self-reported data. The team that works on their intranet examines search terms to extract useful information, while their news team releases reports to understand what stories get the most views. While applying latest marketing technologies to explore how their business-specific information is being received by their employees, they track viewership of broadcasts and other blog posts. This helps to observe employee engagement.

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